4 Signs that You Need Septic Tank Cleaning in Port Orchard WA

Septic tanks can become quite the problem when they are full or backed up. It is important that you maintain your septic tank regularly to prevent major problems that can become very expensive. Typically, in WA rural areas, most residents utilize septic tanks because they are somewhat isolated and are not connected to the city’s sewage system. There are various septic tank cleaning services in Port Orchard WA that can be of assistance. Below are some signs that your septic tank is in need of a good cleaning.

Water Pooling in the Yard

The biggest sign that your septic tank needs clean is waste water begins to pool in your yard. When waste clogs draining pipes in your septic tank, waste water has no choice but to rise to the surface. When it does, it can result in bad odor. Waste removal on a timely basis will prevent this from happening.

Really Foul Odors

Typically, when a tank is full, you will begin to notice an odor in your yard. Waste comes from various sources in the home, such as the bathtub, toilet and sinks. As the septic tank begins to get full, foul odor may become noticeable. If you are noticing a foul odor in your yard, consider Septic Tank Cleaning in Port Orchard WA to help with your problem.

Poor Drainage in Home

Another sign that you need Septic Tank Cleaning in Port Orchard WA is that the drains in your home become slow. This is because as the septic tank becomes full, additional waste is not able to fit inside the tank. If left unfixed, waste will continue to slow drainage in your home.

Sewage Backs Up

As the septic tank becomes full, waste will begin to back up. If your septic tank does not get cleaned properly, waste will back up into drains and piping around your home. Sewage backup is typically black and sludgy, which contributes to foul odors in your home.

Septic tanks need to be cleaned regularly. If they are not, waste will back up and cause major problems throughout your yard and home. Consider septic cleaning services through the Port Orchard area to help prevent waste backup today. If you have questions, click here for more info.

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