4 Tips for Rookie Weightlifters Shopping for Lifting Shoes

by | Sep 29, 2017 | Shopping

New to weightlifting? Here are a few good pieces of advice for rookies like you:

Get the right shoes

This will depend on how serious you are about the sport. If you’re just trying to try it out, you might not want to invest in a good pair of lifting shoes. However, if you want to give it a serious go, then shopping for the right footwear is essential.

Consider designs and styles

Some shoes are designed for beginners like you while others will get much more use from weightlifting pros and serious hobbyists. You’ll want to start with models ideal for your level of experience then and go from there. It doesn’t make sense to shell out a lot of cash for a pair of shoes when you’re simply a beginner. Take the time to master the sports. When you improve your weightlifting skills, then you can think about leveling up and upgrading your footwear as well.

Consider how you feel

The right shoes can improve your lifting power and that, in turn, could make you feel more confident in your thrusts and lifts. That’s a huge perk to owning a new pair. If you think you need the added boost—or basically all the help you can get—then shopping for new lifting shoes can make that happen for you.

Look for the basics

The best weightlifting designs offer heel support. You’ll need to consider the right heel height, though, says Breaking Muscle. Be sure to check the strapping and support as well. Is the fit just right? Or too loose? Is a half inch or inch right for the support or do you want it lower or higher?

These tips can make a difference when you shop for your new shoes. Good luck and have fun to learn how to weightlift!

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