Benefits Offered by Alpharetta Security Camera Installation

Each year over $13 billion in goods are taken from retail businesses, or over $35 million each day. Additionally, every one in 11 people have shoplifted at some point, and over 10 million people have been caught in the act in the past five years. These stats alone make it clear how beneficial Alpharetta security camera installation can be for your business.

Why Install Video Surveillance?

A high-quality CCTV system provides the right solution for businesses trying to curb shoplifting. When you hire a company to install this service, then you can protect and monitor your property anywhere and anytime. A properly installed system can also help to protect you in the instance of false injury claims. When it comes to your business, you cannot take chances, especially if it is your livelihood.

The fact is, shoplifters account for one of the top reasons that stores of all sizes fail. With as many as 10 percent of customers stealing from retail stores, it is essential that you take action and hire a quality Alpharetta security camera installation service for help. They will ensure cameras are strategically placed in order to successfully deter all types of theft.

Protection from Employee Theft

It is estimated that as many as 83 percent of employees will steal at some point or another. A third of all business failures have been linked directly to the losses that occurred due to employee theft. In many cases, the employees you trust the most are the ones that are most likely to steal, in most cases because the opportunity simply presents itself. When you hire an Alpharetta security camera installation service to install high-quality cameras into your business you can deter employee theft.

Prevention of Armed Robbery

The most violent and dangerous crime that a business can face is armed robbery. With a surveillance camera, you can significantly reduce the potential for crime. In most cases, any potential robber would find another target than having the potential to link them to the crime. No matter the business type you have, implementing additional security features can ensure you are fully protected no matter the situation. Even if a robbery were to occur, you will have a source of evidence to assist you in finding the guilty party.

When you take the time to find a quality Alpharetta security camera installation service, you will have the perfect deterrent to all types of potential business crime. From inner, employee theft, to armed robbery and anything in between, a video surveillance system can help you deter potential crime. This is important for protecting your business and ensuring that you do not put your biggest investment at risk.

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