Identifying the Cause of Allergy Symptoms With the Assistance of an Allergist in Elizabethtown KY

People sometimes believe they are allergic to cigarette smoke because they react to its presence with unpleasant symptoms. Tobacco smoke is not considered an allergen, but it can aggravate existing allergies that the person may not consider much of a problem. A little hay fever in late summer, for instance, might become a full-blown attack of sneezing, wheezing and coughing when encountering cigarette smoke. An allergist in Elizabethtown KY can perform testing to identify the substances that are the actual allergens causing the underlying problem.

There are certain advantages to this identification. First, the patient may be able to avoid the allergens, at least to a certain extent. It may be possible to avoid strolling through a field with ragweed and goldenrod in August, for example. Eliminating pollen-producing weeds on the residential property can help. A second advantage would be receiving immunotherapy injections from an allergist in Elizabethtown KY. The shots, which contain tiny amounts of the allergen, help the immune system become accustomed to the substance and not react as strongly to it. This therapy does not eliminate or cure the allergy, but it is nevertheless very effective.

Tobacco smoke can cause additional problems because it irritates the respiratory system, even as second-hand or third-hand smoke. Once an individual understands that he or she has an allergy to pollen or some other substance, it becomes clearer why staying away from a smoky environment is important. It may be possible to avoid the need for allergy medication coming in contact with the allergen, but the combination of both substances may be too much for the body to handle without more extreme negative reactions. People may also find that campfire or fireplace smoke makes their allergy symptoms flare up or become worse.

Interestingly, exposure to cigarette smoke also increases the likelihood that someone will develop hay fever in the first place. Exposure to this smoke is a risk factor for the development of asthma too. These are essential considerations for anyone with children or planning to have children. Visit Accredited Asthma Allergy & Food Intolerance Center to consult a physician about symptoms, testing and treatment.

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Are Allergies in Allentown PA Some of the Worst in the Northeast, and if So, Why?

Some people suffer from almost crippling allergies in certain times of the year. The Northeast is right there with the worst regions in the country. What can people do to help fight their allergies for the spring season? The answer to this question largely begins by figuring out what is doing the attacking in the first place.

The Early Spring Culprits

Early spring usually includes February and March. These months are where certain allergens pop up to the surface. Tree pollens are the biggest contributor to springtime allergies. There are some major culprits in the mix. This includes elm, maple, hazelnut, and poplar. Red cedar is not as common, but they also dramatically add to the allergy pool for those unfortunate people living beside many red cedars. The last major contributor is hackberry.

All of these Northeastern trees pollinate during the early spring, and are a major cause for concern. The season extends into June. This makes about five months (almost half of the year) where allergies are at an all-time high for millions of Pennsylvanians.

Late Spring

There are other allergens in the late spring. These allergens help extend the season, and acts as a major double whammy for many. Grass is a major issue in May and June. Bermuda grass is one of the more common culprits. Allentown is especially affected due to the wild woods surrounding the city, the lack of any ocean breeze, and thedeep and rich Northeastern brush that is common towards the middle of the state.

All of these plants blossom and explode in the spring, and they can cause major trauma for people. It is difficult to relate to those with allergies. It is as if one is in a constant state of tire. They always feel sick, and the effects can be crippling. Allergies in Allentown PA can be brutal. Fortunately, those suffering from allergies have a few options to combat the upcoming spring. Visit us for some brief information on what to expect from the next year. Visitors can get a grip on what is out there- and how to fight it.

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