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Preparing Your Pooch for Dog Day Care in Fanwood

Posted by , on Aug, 2018

When you have a pet, ensuring they are provided the best possible care is a priority. This means that selecting a high-quality dog day care is important. However, this can be challenging since thousands of day cares exist and most are not beholden to standardization of practices and policies. Because of that, we wanted to share tips for finding the best day care situation for your dog in Fanwood. Gather Your Dog’s Medical History Most day cares are going to require proof that your dog has been vaccinated. Also, they may want to see that the dog has been neutered or spayed. You should also be sure that your pet is on a regimen for flea and tick prevention to prevent them from spreading any pets. If they aren’t, it’s best to start the process as soon as possible. Find Out How Clean the Building Is When your pet is in a space with many other animals, there is a higher risk or illness. That is why you only want to visit a dog day care that has thorough daily cleaning procedures. You should expect a quality day care to do spot cleaning through the day, along with more extensive cleaning at certain times. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the cleaning schedule to ensure the best environment for your pet. See How Your Pet Will Do at Day Care One of the best ways to gauge how your pet might take to a day care is by visiting dog park. While the two locations are different, they have many things in common. Your pet will have the chance to interact with other pets, and you’ll be able to gauge their comfort. If your pet hasn’t been around many other dogs, be patient. Give it some time so your pet can learn proper etiquette around other pets. Ask About Meals and Hydration In dogs, both food aggression and food allergies are relatively common. This means that an excellent day cares facility is going to take precautions to avoid problems. Most day cares will provide meals two to three times a day. It’s best if dogs are provided their meals in their individual spaces and cleanup occurs soon after. K9 Resorts Day Care in Fanwood If you’re looking for a luxury day care for your dog in Fanwood, you need to look no farther than K9 Resorts of Fanwood NJ. We offer exercise, socialization, and space your puppy will love. Be the first to like. Like...

What to Look for in a Dog Boarding Service

Posted by Kim kimball , on Nov, 2015

When trying to choose the right Dog Boarding Service, there are several things to keep in mind. Perhaps the most important thing for most pet owners when they are choosing a pet boarding facility is the pet’s comfort. Look for a facility that places the pet’s comfort as a top priority. While pet boarding facilities may need to keep the animals in a kennel at least part of the time, they may be willing to place the pet’s favorite bed or blanket in their kennel. Look for a facility that offers plenty of interaction with both humans and with other pets. The best boarding facilities offer regular play sessions with other dogs and often have “fun runs” dedicated exclusively to this purpose. Naturally, spending time with humans is also important. Choose a facility that has plenty of hands-on care. Staff members that truly love pets will treat all the dogs like their very own. A good kennel recognizes that pets get homesick, just as humans do. A little bit of extra attention and time with the pet every day can go a long way to alleviating homesickness in any pet. A stay at a boarding facility is often a good opportunity to take care of some basic grooming needs that there may have just not been time for previously. Pets can be bathed, have their nails clipped, get a haircut, and even have veterinary visits while they are in the pet boarding facility. If a vet visit is required during the pet’s stay in the kennel, just ask whether the staff can make sure the pet gets seen by the vet. This can save the owner plenty of time and can give them a real sense of peace about how well their pet is being cared for. Some pets can even begin obedience training classes while they are staying at a pet boarding facility. Such classes are offered by some of the top end kennels, and the training can continue once the owner picks the pet up. If you are looking for a Dog Boarding Service, consider The Dog Stop. You can view more information about them at their website, now. You can like them on Facebook. Be the first to like. Like...

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