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AC Motors and DC Motors – Exploring the Difference

Direct current and alternating current motors are designed to run on different types of power. Most people understand the difference between direct current (like you find in batteries) and alternating current (like you enjoy in most households today). However, there are more differences between motors like General Electric DC motor 328AT and a typical industrial AC motor. Here is more info on the subject.

Do You Need More Power?

On average, you get more power from AC motors. This is why AC current is used in large power tools and in equipment where high speeds are needed. If you need a conveyor system which runs fast, you should consider AC motors for the job.


A motor like a General Electric DC motor 328AT delivers constant torque. This is necessary for slow moving but powerful motors which drive heavy equipment. It can power large, slow moving conveyor systems and provide dynamic breaking

Speed Control

When you need to control speed, motors like the General Electric DC motor 328AT give you superior control over most AC motors. An AC motor typically has windings for each speed. For example, you may have low, medium, and high speeds. However, you do not have exact control, unless you use a direct current motor.

Motor Maintenance

Maintaining a DC motor takes some time. You must make sure parts like brushes and commutator stay clean. When they get worn, you have to replace them. On the other hand, many AC motors are almost maintenance-free. There is very little to do, parts wear slowly, and you can receive thousands of hours of trouble-free operation. However, in some cases, you need DC motors, and with proper maintenance, they can last for a very long time and deliver satisfactory service. Make sure to inspect your DC motors frequently.

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