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How to motivate your members to keep coming

If you’re like most health club owners, you see a surge in membership in January and February ,and your gym practically bursts at the seams with new members coming faithfully every day as they stick to their New Year’s resolutions; once March hits, though, inevitably, your health club starts to empty out again as people abandon their resolutions and go back to their old habits. It’s up to you as the health club owner to come with ways to keep your new members (and your old ones) from falling back to their old ways and keep their resolutions. With the help of your health club membership software and a bit of creativity, it’s not as difficult as you may think. Here are just a few ideas:

* Hold a contest: There’s nothing like the thought of winning that brings out the competitive nature in people. Have a ‘biggest loser’ contest or an attendance contest. Make sure the reward is worthy of the contest – i.e. a free month at the club.

* Keep things fresh: People don’t want to work out in a dingy, crowded gym. Work to ensure that your club is as clean as possible, especially the equipment. Keep cleaning bottles and towels accessible so members can wipe down the equipment after each use.

* Keep track of their results: When people can see results on paper, they will be more apt to keep coming because they know what they’re doing is working.

* Give them incentives: Like the contest idea, if people know there is a prize after all of their hard work, they’ll be more likely to come more often. Give prizes for working out a certain number of days a week, or month.

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