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Getting Regenerative Medicine for Knees in Orlando, Florida

Over time, you may find that certain parts of your body no longer function the way they once did. For many people, their joints are typically what start to cause problems—particularly your knees. Having chronic pain in your knees can be incredibly frustrating and can prevent you from living your life to the fullest. Unfortunately, certain medical treatments don’t always work, and a knee replacement can be extremely expensive. However, you always have the option to consider regenerative medicine for knees in Orlando, Florida as another alternative.

What Is Regenerative Medicine?

Regenerative medicine is a treatment that helps the body repair, regenerate, and restore itself back to health. This type of medicine replaces tissue or organs that have been affected by disease and focuses on treating the symptoms. Regenerative medicine uses stem cells from your body to leverage natural regenerative healing to treat pain and mobility issues, particularly in your knees. When traditional medicine isn’t effective, many people turn to regenerative medicine for knees in Orlando, Florida.

Booking an Appointment

If you are interested in how regenerative medicine can work for you, consider visiting a center such as Orthobiologics Associates that specializes in this type of medicine. Once you get started on the treatments, you can expect to start seeing results almost immediately, depending on the severity of your situation of course. For the most part however, you can expect to be fully recovered after a year of being on the treatment.

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Myths And Stem Cell Therapy Jupiter Patients Need To Know

While stem cell therapy is not new to researchers and doctors specializing in orthopedics, it is a relatively new therapy for many patients in Jupiter. As with anything new, there is often misinformation and misunderstanding that occur and are often shared online or through social media.

Several of these myths are harmful to providing clear insight and understanding into the benefits of this option for the treatment of joint problems and associated pain issues. While around the world stem cell therapy is used in a wide range of patient treatment options, in the United States the focus is in the area of orthopedics.

To help patients to understand the truth behind this potentially life-changing therapy, a closer look at the truth and exposing the myth can be an important starting point.

Myth: All Therapy Uses Embryonic Stem Cells

Most clinics offering stem cell therapy for the treatment of joint injury, trauma or degeneration do not use embryonic stem cells. Instead, they use umbilical cord stem cells harvested at the time a baby is born. These stem cells can be collected, with the mother’s consent, by a specially trained nurse. There is no pain or inconvenience involved for the mother or the child.

Myth: Adult Stem Cells Are Just As Effective

Adult stem cells can be collected from either bone marrow or through adipose (fatty) tissue, which can be a painful process. The stem cells are not in high concentrations in these tissues, which makes the collection more challenging.

It is also important to understand that stem cells are not the same at all stages of life. By using umbilical cord cells, these are the youngest possible cells to harvest offering better rates of differentiation and response in the body.

It is important for any patient in Jupiter considering stem cell treatment or therapy to talk to his or her doctor. Make a list of questions or areas of concern and talk to your physician to get the correct information to make an informed decision on your treatment options.

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Why Stem Cell Regenerative Joint Therapy Procedures Are Becoming So Popular

Over the course of your life, a lot of damage can occur within your joints. Being overweight or even just leading an active life can lead to various joint problems. There may come a time when your joints require medical attention to restore their proper pain free or near pain free function. Traditional joint repair surgeries are invasive and can require long recovery times. It is these factors that lead patients and medical professionals to seek alternatives to surgery. The following are some of the reasons stem cell regenerative joint therapy may be the better option.

A Quick Procedure

A big benefit of stem cell regenerative joint therapy is that it is a quick initial procedure. In fact, it traditionally is no more than a simple joint injection. With traditional joint repair surgeries, patients can require recovery for several days, weeks, or even months following surgery and for people who have jobs and a family, being out of commission is usualy just not an option. With stem cell regenerative joint therapy, you can get back in action in no time at all.

A Natural Way of Healing

The stems cells used in this procedure come directly from healthy donors. These stem cells are harvested from the umbilical cord of a live healthy birth baby, a product that is usually discarded as medical waste. The umbilical cord cells are processed under the strictest of regulatory conditions and can then be used as a natural, non-invasive treatment option for your painful joints. Because of more than 20 years of Worldwide umbilical cord stem cell research, you can be assured of a safe and comfortable experience.

Before you consider a more invasive surgical option, talk to an experienced medical professional about the benefits of stem cell regenerative joint therapy to determine if it’s the better choice for your needs.

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Improve Your Vision with Cataract Surgery

Your vision has gone cloudy. You see colors as dull and flat. Your night vision is horrible. You might have cataracts, a common eye condition in which the lens of the eye goes cloudy. Did you know that ophthalmologists can easily treat cataracts with minor surgery? Keep reading to find out how cataract surgery could improve your life.

What are Cataracts?

Cataracts happen as cloudiness develops on the eye lens. They develop as someone ages and eventually obstructs one’s vision. People often don’t notice cataracts until they cause vision problems, although they can be present from birth. Once a doctor diagnoses cataracts, a simple surgery can treat them.


Modern day cataracts procedures take less than half an hour. It is an outpatient procedure using topical anesthesia to minimize pain and discomfort. Surgeons use sound waves to break up the cloudy cataract and then suck out the broken pieces of lens. Then a new, artificial lens is inserted behind the pupil and iris through a small incision. The doctor seals the incision, and the patient can return to their normal life. Patients wear a protective eye covering for a period, but recovery times are fast.


Cataracts do not return after surgery, as they do not develop on the artificial lens. Symptoms such as cloudy vision, poor night vision, or dull colors are alleviated, although poor vision existing independent of cataracts can’t be cured with a cataract surgery. After cataracts surgery, you can enjoy improved vision and an improved quality of life.

Finding the Right Doctor

Although cataract surgery is an outpatient procedure, it is still important to find the right doctor. Ask your current eye doctor and family or friends for ophthalmologist recommendations. Do online research as well to view ophthalmologists’ qualifications. When meeting for a consultation, be sure to ask questions to find a doctor with whom you feel comfortable. Whether you get cataract surgery in Barrington or another city, finding the right doctor is key to surgery success.

If you’re looking for cataract surgery in Barrington, contact Jacksoneye. Find them online at website. Like us on our facebook page.

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Causes & Treatment Options for Pain in Senior Citizens

As one grows older, they hope to spend quality time with friends and family. For many senior citizens, however, this isn’t always the case. Chronic pain seems to be the norm as we age. The elderly are always in search for better pain treatment options.

According to the Center for Disease Control and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

31% of adults over 65 were considered to be in poor to fair health in 2015
Osteoarthritis effects oer 30 Million US adults
1,087,000 Kentuckians suffered from arthritis in 2015
562,000 Kentuckians reported activities are limited by arthritis in 2015
In 2015, over 400,000 hip and knee replacement procedures were performed in the US
Over 7 Billion dollars were spent in hospitalization costs alone for joint replacements

Causes for Poor Health and Chronic Pain

Osteoarthritis and deteriorating joints in the body and spine are culprits for pain and lack of activity with the elderly. When in pain, staying indoors, lying in bed and sitting all day can only contribute to the decline of one’s health. Increased activity and a healthy lifestyle is needed to maintain quality of life.
Where grandparents should be playing with grandkids, they are unable to because of pain. Where they are meant to go out for walks, hikes, visit family and generally enjoy the rest of their years, they are bedridden because of pain in their bodies.

Current Treatment Plans

Many of the current pain treatment plans involve taking regulated amounts of pain medications, bed rest, physical therapy and sometimes even surgery. However, many of these treatment plans only offer immediate pain relief with no long-term benefits. What if there was another, better option?

New Technology, New Pain Treatment Options

Medicine has advanced in leaps and bounds. Technology has opened a lot of doors for scientists that allow better pain treatment plans to exist. One of the latest pain treatment options is using stem cells to help decrease inflammation in the body and repair damaged joints. Injectable stem cells now allow damaged tissue to be repaired naturally. Unlike manufactured medication, stem cell treatment plans have lower chances of patients developing adverse reactions and benefits are seen within weeks.

Your golden years should not be riddled with pain. They should be filled with joyous moments, making memories with your loved ones. There are pain treatment options available today that allow you to live a normal and pain-free life without medications and surgeries.

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