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Get the Legal Coverage You Need from Shuster and Saben

Shuster and Saben is qualified to represent victims who have experienced workplace law violations, including discrimination and harassment claims. The law firm also represents individuals and families that have experienced negligence. Shuster and Saben is Florida’s leading law firm for PIP claims for medical professionals. The legal team is dedicated to representing clients in a way that brings about satisfactory results. Working class people and those who would otherwise have limited legal representation are entitled to legal protection when they are in illegal work settings. The firm also protects people against big insurance companies and employers and other citizens who behave carelessly. While PIP insurance coverage Miami is provided for South Florida residents, there are law offices all across the state. The attorneys rely on their experience and attention to detail to get the job done.

These insurance companies can reduce or deny claims for several reasons. If you’re in a dispute with an insurance company, you’ll need to ask yourself a few questions to ensure you have a legitimate case. You’ll have to determine whether the insurance company can reduce or deny your bills if you don’t have an emergency medical condition. It’s also important to note that insurance companies can deny or reduce bills if you are a patient and don’t receive treatment within 14 days after an incident or accident. Insurance companies will also attempt to deny your claim if you’re billed late due to inaccurate information that needs to be corrected. Be sure to respond to your 627.736 (6)(b) request in a timely manner, you may not get the funds you’re entitled to from an insurance claim.

Shuster and Saben is committed to PIP insurance coverage Miami, as well as other Florida cities. The firm will respond to your concerns and issues in a timely manner and explain the complex details of your case. The legal team will show you how to properly respond to letters and correctly fill out forms. If necessary, the legal team will prepare your case for trial.

Shuster and Saben understand that experience is essential. The lawyers have more than 50 years of experience between them and know the ins and outs of the Florida court system. To ensure you get the representation you need, visit

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Legal Tips from Seasoned Personal Injury Lawyers from Cheshire CT

There are many types of scenarios that might fall under the broad category of personal injury law. Take some legal tips from caring and longstanding personal injury lawyers Cheshire CT inhabitants can contact for sage legal advice and litigation services.

Never Sign Any Insurance Agreements Before Contacting a Lawyer

It is a common practice for insurance agents and/or the at fault company’s legal team to offer the injured party a quick settlement agreement. It is crucial to ensure that your rights are upheld. Many of these agreements are better for the offending company rather than the injured party. To avoid this pitfall, never sign any type of written insurance or other settlement agreements prior to a consultation with an attorney, like The Algilani Law Firm LLC, that will have your best interest in mind.

Some Injuries Are Not Evident Early On

A huge problem with verbal or signed legal agreements following an injury event is that some injuries might not be evident right at the onset. Accident victims often do not realize the full extent of their injuries until further on in their recovery and/or rehabilitation treatment.

Contact a Knowledgeable Law Firm Right Away

Some injured individuals neglect to get in contact with reliable personal injury lawyers in Cheshire, CT located soon after the injury causing event. The inured party may be eligible to collect compensation benefits and other damages if someone else was at fault for the resulting injuries.

Contact The Algilani Law Firm LLC

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Win The Case With A Personal Injury Lawyer in Port Orchard

Injuries happen to unsuspecting individuals every day. These injuries can cause a person’s inability to work their normal job or enjoy their life. The only way to hold a negligent party responsible for the injuries the victim received is with a financial settlement. This is not something that is easily obtained alone, and a personal injury lawyer in Port Orchard should be consulted.

A negligent party is responsible for the victim’s medical bills, loss of wages, pain, suffering, and loss of enjoyment in life. Whether the person has suffered minor injuries or serious injuries, the negligent party should be held accountable.

Types Of Personal Injuries

There’s a variety of situations that can cause a personal injury including automobile accidents, truck accidents, slip and fall accidents, dog bites, product defects, and many others. When an individual passes away due to their injuries, this is considered a wrongful death and the family can be compensated for the loss of their loved one.

Wrongful Death

Family members could receive payment for their loved one’s medical bills, funeral expenses, loss of income after the accident and into the future, loss of love and companionship, pain, suffering, and much more. A parent, spouse, child, or executor of the estate can file a claim on behalf of the victim. Family members who are financially supported by the victim could be eligible to receive compensation.

Truck Accidents

Truck accidents can be complicated because various parties could be responsible for the injuries. An experienced personal injury lawyer in Port Orchard will investigate the accident and fight for a fair settlement for the victim. It’s important to contact the attorney as soon as possible after an accident so the evidence is preserved. The logbook of the driver and the maintenance of the tractor and trailer will need to be thoroughly examined.

If you or a loved one have been injured due to a careless act of another individual, don’t delay and Contact us. With many years of experience behind an attorney, the victim can focus on healing from their injuries while the attorney spends their time fighting for a fair settlement.

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What Does PIP Insurance Cover in Florida?

Drivers in Florida are required to carry a minimum of $10,000 in personal injury protection, or PIP, to ensure their medical bills are paid after an accident, regardless of who is deemed at fault. However, many people are unaware of exactly what PIP insurance coverage in Jacksonville actually means. There are certain guidelines regarding what will be paid to the medical provider in the event an individual is injured in an accident and treated.

Minor Injuries

In most cases, the injuries sustained in an accident will be relatively minor. In these instances, the amount of money allowed is capped at $2,500. As a medical provider, just like with any other type of insurance coverage, PIP insurance coverage in Jacksonville will require you to bill the services at a reduced rate. However, this rate is 200 percent higher than Medicare payments. It’s important for these treatments to begin within 14 days of the accident to ensure proper coverage. There is often a deductible with PIP that will either need to be paid by a health insurance provider or the patient.

Emergency Medical Condition

More serious injuries sustained in an accident may be qualified as an emergency medical condition, which means the cap for PIP insurance coverage in Jacksonville will be increased to $10,000, though the same reduced rate requirements do apply. While treatment must be initialized within the same 14 day period, your treatment of an emergency medical condition does not have to be completed within the same timeframe, ensuring payment outside of the first 14 days for care provided.

PIP insurance coverage in Jacksonville is designed to help car accident victims pay their medical bills, regardless of who is at fault. With a minimum requirement to go after the at-fault driver for medical bills, it is essential to understand how this type of insurance can help get you paid for the care you provide.

Are you trying to recover payments for medical services rendered after an auto accident? Contact Shuster & Saben to learn more about PIP insurance coverage in Jacksonville and how to recover your money.

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Is Florida a No-Fault State for Auto Insurance?

Florida is a no-fault state for auto insurance. That means that the state of Florida requires that all automobile drivers in Tampa have personal injury protection (PIP), also known as no-fault insurance. Whether or not you are at fault in an accident, your insurance company is responsible for covering medical expenses, lost wages, and some other ancillary support services.

The benefit of no-fault insurance is that you are protected even when you have been injured as a passenger in someone else’s car, or on a bus. Being a no-fault state also means that you are not necessarily responsible for the injuries that occur to the other passengers in your car. For example, if your children and their friends were in the back seat, your children are probably going to be covered under your PIP but not their friends. Their friends should be covered under their parents’ own PIP insurance coverage. Drivers in Tampa are also advised to purchase uninsured motorist coverage, which would prevent you from being sued by an uninsured party in your vehicle.

People often run into trouble when filing claims on their personal injury protection insurance. The insurance is supposed to cover things like medical expenses, lost wages, and potentially other services like child care if necessary. However, insurance companies often try to deny claims because that is how their business model works. In Tampa, a Personal Injury Protection Insurance Attorney helps people to successfully receive their just compensation or to understand their rights in a PIP case. A PIP insurance attorney in Tampa also helps with special situations in which the damages are not actually covered under the PIP auto insurance policy, such as if the driver suffers permanent damage from the accident or has a long-term medical condition not covered.

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The Cause of an Accident: Meeting with an Accident Lawyer in Dayton, OH

When people are the victims of accidents, they often decide to meet with lawyers. They may, for example, have sustained great physical injuries, and, as a result, they want to sue for money to pay their medical bills. They should visit our website for more information. On the other hand there are those who have caused accidents in the first place. When they hear that a suit is coming their way, or they discover that the victims want to take the case to court, they, too, should consult an accident lawyer in Dayton, OH.

Some people want to defend themselves, but working with attorneys helps them to develop a clear and focused plan. People who do not have experience in the field of law may lack the necessary knowledge to fully understand the scope of the situation. When meeting with an accident lawyer in Dayton, OH, people who caused accidents should clearly and articulately explain what happened, and they should bring any necessary supporting documents, such as a police report or photographs, to help paint a more lucid picture for their lawyers. In describing what happened, they may discover that they were not entirely responsible for the accident.

Speaking with lawyers also provides this group of people with an idea of what the consequences may be. Having a positive attitude about winning the case is helpful, but staying mindful of the possible effects is also crucial. When people know what the potential penalties are for the case in which they are embroiled, they can begin to plan appropriately in the event that the worst-case scenario occurs. However, they should not just assume that they know what could happen, they should speak with lawyers to find out.

Consulting attorneys in the field helps to provide people with clarity and focus about the issue. They can learn new information pertinent to their situations and their cases, and they can also gain insight about the trajectory that the case might follow. Stronger knowledge about the situation often leads to more confidence in it.

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Personal Injury Lawyers in Easton Can Help Recover Damages from an Accident

Any type of accident that is a negligent act of someone, which ends up with someone else needing medical treatment is considered a personal injury. This could be an event such as an auto accident, motorcycle accident, a slip and fall, medical negligence and a variety of other situations. The injuries do not have to be permanent in nature in order to contact personal injury lawyers in Easton. Compensation for pain and suffering and lost wages are covered by insurance companies, and a lawyer can help an individual acquire said compensation. The injured party should not be responsible for financial distress due to medical bills and lost wages.

Insurance companies usually like to settle as soon as possible after any type of accident that they know they’re insured client is negligent for by offering a small amount of money. It may be very tempting for the injured party to take the early offer from the insurance company, but if they do, there is never a chance to have any future medical bills or claims against the insurance company paid again. This is why it’s important to contact personal injury lawyers in Easton soon after an accident occurs that involves injuries. Understanding the legal claims that can be brought against a negligent party is what a lawyer can review with the injured party.

Medical malpractice also falls under personal injury law: medical mistakes occur through prescription errors and improper medical treatment for instance on babies while they’re being born. Physicians or nurses not properly monitoring a baby that could be in distress during childbirth could result in birth defects or death of the child. Although a lawyer is unable to fix the damage that was done to the precious child, they can help the family to gain the compensation that will need in order to pay for future medical care of the child.

The Law Office of Bruce S. Raphel PC has years of experience in personal injury cases, and they will fight hard for the injured party so they can obtain the settlement they are legally entitled to. Don’t settle immediately after an injury has occurred and speak with an experienced attorney first.

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Hire a Personal Injury Attorney to Help Negotiate with an Insurance Company

When you’re involved in a car accident and the other driver is found liable, the insurance company will often want to quickly settle the case to avoid an expensive lawsuit. However, it’s essential that you hire a lawyer who can provide personal injury help with negotiations, and who can prevent the insurance company from taking advantage of you and ensure you get a fair settlement. If you want to try and settle on your own, though, here are a few tips that may help.

Calculate Your Damages
Before you can determine if the amount the insurance company is offering you is fair, you need to know how much your claim is worth; you can get a ballpark estimate by calculating your compensable damages. Some of the numbers you need will be easy to obtain such as your medical expenses and lost income, while others, such as the cost of a permanent disability or disfigurement, you’ll need to research and estimate the worth.

Doing a search online for cases similar to yours can help you figure out how much you should be asking the insurance company for.

Force the Insurance Company to Explain Itself
If the insurance company insists on only submitting very low offers, force the provider to justify the amount. For instance, the insurance company may think they can give you a low-ball offer because it doesn’t believe you’ll have any long-term medical needs, but if your doctor indicates you will have ongoing medical issues, then you need to follow up with that information and make the company reconsider.

Don’t Accept the First Settlement Offer
As with any good negotiations, the first offer is really a test to determine if you know what you are doing, and it will be intentionally low. If you’ve already sent the insurance company a demand letter with your preferred amount, respond to the company’s offer with a counteroffer that’s only a tiny bit lower than the original amount you requested. This will show the company you’re aware of the worth of your claim but that you’re willing to compromise to get the best deal.

If you get stuck at an impasse with the insurance company, hire personal injury help such as the attorney Dulaney Lauer & Thomas LLP. An attorney can negotiate on your behalf and make sure you get what you’re owed.

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Why Is It Best to Hire an Accident Attorney in Groton CT?

Auto accidents occur almost every second of the day. Often, these accidents are the result of careless or inexperienced drivers. When you are seriously injured because of another driver, it is your right to pursue compensation for your injuries, damages and medical bills. Unfortunately, the insurance companies are not always helpful. They can try to deny your claim entirely or work to pay you less than you deserve. To avoid complications with the insurance companies, it can help to contact an Accident Attorney in Groton CT. An accident attorney can assist you through every step of your case, so you can be properly compensated.

When an accident occurs, you must call the police right away. A police report will need to be filed, so this evidence can be used in court. It is important you do not flee the scene of the accident, because it is against the law and could cause problems with you being able to pursue a case for compensation.

Your next step needs to be to get under medical care as soon as possible. Make sure you inform the doctor you were injured in an auto accident, so this can be documented in your medical records. Your records will be obtained through a medical release you will sign for your lawyer. Through the police report, medical records and other evidence, the lawyer will work to prove your injuries and damages.

You will not be required to pay any attorney’s fees unless you win your case. If the jury decides in your favor, any fees you owe the attorney will be taken out of your compensation package. This allows you to get the help of an attorney, without having to worry about the attorney’s fees. This is especially beneficial for those already dealing with massive amounts of medical bills.

If you have been seriously injured in an auto accident that was not your fault, know your rights and get the help you need.This will allow you to get the legal help you need, so you can be fairly compensated.

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Why Hire Criminal Lawyers in Brainerd for Minor Drug Offenses?

It seems to easy and inconsequential to plead guilty to a minor drug charge. One single joint may have led to being arrested. In some instances, the prosecutor may offer no jail time at all to some defendants in the Brainerd area. The only punishment is probation. That seems like a good deal. That seems like there is no reason to hire legal counsel. That can be a serious mistake. If a minor drug offense results in probation, that still counts as a criminal conviction. A criminal record can make it much more difficult to get employment in many fields. Many landlords are reluctant to accept renters or roommates who have criminal records. That is why it is best for those charged with minor drug crimes to seriously consider hiring Criminal Lawyers Brainerd.

First of all, those who are charged with minor drug offenses should not assume that the state has enough evidence to guarantee a conviction. In many instances, the district attorney will file charges in which there is considerable uncertainty as to whether or not a jury will convict. Good Criminal Lawyers Brainerd can expose the weakness of many drug cases. Once those weaknesses are exposed, it is often possible to reduce the punishment to something that will not result in a criminal record.

Even if the case against a defendant is strong, Criminal Lawyers Brainerd can still get the punishment reduced in minor drug cases. For example, it may be possible to reduce the length of jail time or to reduce the length of the probationary period. If the drug charge will be the defendant’s first criminal offense, it may be possible to convince the prosecutor to let the defendant go into a diversion program. Upon completion of the diversion program, the defendant’s charges will be dropped with no resulting criminal record.

There are often lots of opportunities for more favorable outcomes when a defendant is charged with minor drug crimes after hiring Criminal Lawyers Brainerd. The important thing is to not assume that a criminal charge will automatically result in a conviction. Furthermore, a minor criminal conviction is often just as damaging as a criminal conviction for a major criminal offense. That is why hiring legal counsel makes sense even for minor criminal charges.

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