Twelve Advantages Of Using A Quality Coolant Recovery Machine

If you have a grinder, lather, or, in fact, employ a machine to cut, shape and drill metal, chances are you have to use coolant. This fluid has two purposes:

1. To keep the engine cool

2. To lubricate the machinery

Yet, this oil, through its production of sump oil, can be harmful to the workplace, the environment, and the machinery. One simple means of avoiding these issues is to install a coolant recovery machine The result is beneficial in several ways.


Coolant recovery machines perform a specific task. However, in doing so, they create several benefits to those who use them. These include the following

1. Reduction of the cost of new coolant concentrate purchases by up to 75%

2. Decrease of the disposal cost associated with dirty coolant by between 50 and 90%

3. Improved control of the concentration levels of coolant

4. Increase in the cleanliness of the tools in use

5. Reduction in the amount of misting a metal shop may require

6. Elimination of environmental risks

7. Removal of the liability associated with off-site disposal

8. Improved quality of product

9. Extended tool life

10. Lower maintenance for the coolant supply pump

11. Improved protection of employee health and safety

12. Increased coolant efficiency

These are all reasons why metalworking shops choose to install a coolant recovery machine.

Benefitting from a Coolant Recovery Machine

Coolant recovery machines are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and capabilities to address the demands of the different machines employed in a metalworking shop. Once installed, they provide a number of advantages to an employer by reducing the cost of coolant, coolant recycling, environmental expenses, and maintenance. Employees benefit from the cleaner air. In fact, by using a coolant recovery machine, companies can save money and increase productivity while ensuring improved worker health and safety.

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