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Cabin rental tips for the beginner

The idea of cabin rental can be very enticing and in the end often is. Still, for the first time, there are a lot of things one has to think about.

Septic systems

Most of the time, the cabins are not equipped with the conventional drainage and plumbing systems, and it will very likely be that whatever is flushed goes into a septic tank in the ground. This means, there will likely be a restriction on what can go down the drain. Most of the time, these tanks will not be able to handle certain types of oils, grease and liquid soaps.


Given the fact that cabins are often in the country, it is very likely that the water system will not be the same. Most owners prefer well water, but this does not necessarily mean the water will be pumped direct from the well. Well systems are preferred because the water is naturally filtered through the earth. Lake water is generally frowned upon because it has impurities, grit and pesticides; making it unfit for cooking.


Cottages and cabins are supposed to be removed from the rest of civilization. This is why the question of access roads is often ignored by many. It is important to think about whether the cabin can be easily reached, the state of the access road and whether the vehicles being used will be capable of plying that route. Sometimes, cabins might be on small islands, and this means one has to not only have access to a boat but also have a good boating license.


When listening to traffic updates, mostly at the beginning or end of those long holiday weekends, one of the common utterances normally is ‘cottage country traffic’. Many people take this opportunity to escape the city for the weekend, meaning the traffic on the highways will be much higher than usual. If you are not careful, majority of your journey to Beavers Bend Lodging in Broken Bow, OK might just be spent on the highway slowly snaking through the traffic. A wise alternative is to ask your hosts for alternative routes.

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