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Cheap, But Fun Date Ideas in Boston

Going for a date should not have to be an expensive ordeal. In fact, in most cases, the most enjoyable dates are the simplest but carefully thought out ones. There are many fun date ideas in Boston, you just have to know where to look for them and how to tailor make them to fit what you want. Search for them on the internet especially on a dating website, or get recommendations from friends and relatives; at the end of the day, make sure you can find love, enjoy it and nurture it.

Ice Skating

Try something new every time you go out on a date with your partner. Do not limit yourself to the traditional forms of dating; you have to be creative in order to come up with fun dating ideas in Boston. Ice skating, for example, is a simple but exciting way to spend time and bond with your partner, and you can even learn new skills while at it. Try it today at the Boston Common Frog Pond.

Watch the Stars

Simple fun date ideas in Boston like watching the stars can be very romantic and fulfilling; and you do not have to spend a fortune. Arrange to visit the Boston University Observatory and watch the stars on a night of clear stars. Bond over a conversation and some snacks while at it; you can never go wrong with the stars!

Taste Some Beer

Do not be afraid to incorporate alcohol in the fun date ideas in Boston. Attend beer tasting sessions at the Sam Adams Brewery tours and let loose once in a while. It is a free event where the attendants have an option of donating a few dollars for charitable purposes. Therefore, apart from having fun with your other half, you will be giving back to a noble cause.


If you are a chocolate lover and believer, organize a visit to the Taza Chocolate Factory with your beau and enjoy the samples provided at an affordable price. Not only will you get to eat the chocolate fresh from the factory, but you will also have a chance of observing all the stages of processing.

Restaurant Offers

Look out for fun date ideas in Boston by checking out offers from restaurants and clubs. Myers + Chang, for example, organizes cheap date nights where delicacies are sold at discounts to couples. You can try out as many restaurants as you like depending on your taste and preference.

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