Child Custody Issues: What To Know

by | Nov 18, 2016 | Lawyers

Getting a divorce is a very personal and stressful situation. When there are children involved, the stakes are raised even higher. It is important to know the different child custody issues that can affect the procedure to make sure that you receive the best outcome that benefits your family as a whole. Family laws vary from state to state, therefore it is pertinent that you hire a professional child custody lawyer in Chicago to guide you through the procedure and try to make an already difficult time a little easier.

All child custody decisions that are made by the court are for the child’s best interest. There are several issues relating to the child that can directly affect this decision. The judge will take into consideration the child’s age, sex, and mental/emotional/social development. How a child will be able to adjust to certain family arrangements and school environments is also taken into consideration. The court will determine if the child is of legal and deemed capable of making a decision on his or her own.

There are also several parental factors that can play a major role in the outcome of how child custody is handled. It includes how involved the mother and father has been in the child’s upbringing and education, the physical, emotional and financially stable. The geographic residence of each parent and history of domestic abuse or child abuse.

You’ll need an experience child custody lawyer from Chicago who knows the local family court jurisdiction laws and can advise you on the best legal course of action. Facing issues like sole custody, shared custody, child support or which parent receives custody if the parents are not married, can be a difficult and lengthy process and needs to be handled by professionals who will know how to advise you if the child-custody issue goes to court.

Child custody can be an ongoing issue that can last for years, and you’ll need an attorney that’s loyal and guide you through all current local family court laws in case of future changes in a parents marital or geographical statues. Child custody issues can be a complex issue to death that only a professional can guide you through.

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