Complete Road Bike Rental in NYC

by | May 4, 2017 | Travel and Tourism

When you are considering a road bike rental in NYC be careful that you do not wind up getting stuck with tons of add on fees. You must be careful who you choose for your rental or you can wind up paying far more than you need to. Those hidden fees start to add up quickly and make your affordable road bike rental in NYC not so affordable.

Get the Value

You want to be sure that you are dealing with a reputable rental company or you could risk getting stuck with a very expensive bad rental. When you are renting, a bike look for the value and be weary of the hidden costs. Here are some values you should be looking for before you commit to a bike rental:

  • Ask what’s included with the rental
  • Ask about over time charges
  • Ask about the brand of bike

What’s Included?

Before you rent ask the rental company what is included with the rental fee. Do you get a helmet? Do you get a chain lock to secure the bike when you stop? Do you get any other extras like a basket or map? These added value items should be included in the rental fee. If they are not don’t rent from that company, find one that does.

Overtime Charges

When do you have to have the bike back by? How much will it cost if you do not have it back by that time, be sure that you get up front pricing so you know what to expect.

The Best Value

There is a bike rental company in NYC that offers one of the best values out there. The rental fee includes everything that you need to get on the road. The bikes are high-quality bikes that are well-maintained. It’s Hudson River Sightseeing!

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