Consider An MDF Cabinet Door Instead Of Refinishing

Most people think that refinishing their cabinets is the best choice because it will give them a new look. However, it is a big remodeling job and may cost more than you initially thought. Therefore, it may be best to get a whole new cabinet door using MDF, medium-density fibreboard instead and then upgrade the colour whenever you prefer.

Questions To Ask

Before delving into a refinishing project, you should ask yourself particular questions, such as whether or not you want to keep your cabinets or just change the colour. If you’ve already got wooden cabinets, you may want to keep them and try to refinish them, but if you’ve got something substandard, you may want to remove them and upgrade them to medium-density fibreboard, which is less expensive than wood and still a durable and long-lasting choice.

You also want to decide if that’s the only project you want done, or if you want to upgrade other features in the home, such as the doors, counters and others. If you do plan on having more projects, it may be best not to refinish a current cabinet door and instead upgrade it to MDF.

What Does Refinishing Mean?

Refinishing is a long and arduous task that is used to strip off whatever is on the cabinets now, such as varnish, stain or paint. You can do so with the use of a chemical stripping agent, or with the use of a sander. Once the finish is gone, new ones are applied. The problem is that you’ve still got the same doors or shelves, and it could lead to problems. If your doors are ugly or dirty, refinishing may help. If they are broken, chipped or otherwise damaged, refinishing may not fix the problem.


Unless you’re going to do a big remodeling job in the whole kitchen, chances are you want a quick fix that will update the style without too much hassle. Refinishing isn’t the answer in this case because it can take weeks or months, depending on how many cabinets and who you use.

Life and Look

Refinishing is also a hassle because once it’s done, the maintenance to keep it is challenging for most homeowners. Because they have been sanded and repainted/stained, they are more vulnerable to changes from heat and sunlight, leading to cracking and peeling. It may be simpler and easier to switch out the doors with medium-density fibreboard now to save yourself the trouble.

An MDF cabinet door is usually the best choice instead of refinishing current wood options in the home. Visit Lovech Ltd. today to learn more. Like Us on Google +

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