Everything You Need to Know About Restaurant Kitchens

by | Jan 12, 2018 | Business

When it comes to a restaurant, the kitchen is the most essential part of the entire facility. The kitchen is the space where food is prepped, cooked, plated, and delivered before it is served to the customers of the restaurant. Kitchens can be large or small, and the design is based mainly upon the space that is available.

Within a restaurant kitchen are many stations. Some of these include prep stations, salad stations, sauté stations, and pizza stations. You need to consider the menu and style of the restaurant when determining what stations to have and what kitchen equipment to keep around. Those who have lots of pasta might want many stations for that, those who have a lot of grilled menu items may want a more substantial station there.

This allows you to plan your space without running into problems with too little space or too much space for a specific station. You know where any problem areas are from the beginning and can work out a solution, rather than ending up in a situation where you’re surprised by challenges.

After you have a restaurant kitchen plan in mind, the next thing to do is outfit it with all of the required kitchen equipment. In many cases, this can be done cheaply and easily by choosing used equipment. Things like dishes, utensils, and small items are often available for very little. You can also usually get more specialized equipment like grills and ovens that are affordable and will last years.

Beyond planning the space and purchasing equipment, the next important part of the kitchen are the workers within it. It’s crucial to have the right people in the correct positions to have a kitchen that runs smoothly. Being selective about whom you hire as a chef, manager, or cook is something you can do to avoid having to find new staff down the line. Other positions like dishwashing and prep cooking can often be taken on by entry-level employees.

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