Facts About Burglar Alarms in Louisville, KY

by | Mar 22, 2019 | Security

Burglar alarm systems are quite popular and many people these days have wisely invested in them. Unfortunately for some people, they end up purchasing a burglar alarm after they have experienced a break in. Even if you are living in an isolated area, it is still advised to install a security system to protect your house. Read below for our facts about burglar alarms in Louisville, KY area, that you may have never considered or even been aware of.

Alarm Design

The design of burglar alarms in Louisville, KY, is quite easy to understand. Basically, the system consists of a normal electrical circuit, including switches and motion sensors. These devices and circuits are run by a control box. Sensors are installed at entry points around the premises. Whenever an intruder tries to pass these entry points, the motion sensors let out a loud noise to alert you to the burglar’s activity.

Additional Protection

When the alarm is armed, all circuits are activated. When an intruder tries to open the window or door, the alarm sounds. This is why newer technology allows you to enter a pass code inside the control box. This ensures your safety and security.

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