Four Ways to Tell Allergies from Colds in Your Child

by | Jan 28, 2016 | Healthcare

Many common colds and seasonal allergies share the same symptoms. Parents often mistake these symptoms and treat their children for colds when they actually should be taking them to the allergists in Chicago for allergy symptom relief.

If you are one of the parents who are having a hard time telling whether your child has a bad cold or a bad allergy, read on below for a few ways to tell that you need to take your child to the allergist instead.

Think About the Time of Year You Are In

Colds tend to come about in the winter of the year. Allergies develop in the spring and fall. Check the pollen counts and the season before you jump to the conclusion that your child just has a bad cold. The symptoms of allergies usually begin right after pollen drops in the spring, summer, or even the fall of the year. If you feel that your child may have severe seasonal allergies, making an appointment with your doctor is a good idea.

Check for Temperature or Muscle Aches

Despite the fact that it is called “hay fever” most allergies do not give your child muscle aches and a fever. If your child has a cold, however, these symptoms are the most common to have. A headache with allergies is quite common, however, just as it is with a cold.

Watch for the Signs

Many parents’ notice their children wiping their noses with the back of their hands during allergy season. Since colds produce thick, yellowish nasal discharge, this should be easy to do. If you notice your child doing this, check to see if the nasal discharge is thin and clear. This is one of the most common symptoms of seasonal allergies.

The Length of Symptoms Matter

If your child has a cold, it will only last for seven to 10 days at the most. If they have a severe case of seasonal allergies, however, it could last weeks or even months. Keep an eye on the length of the symptoms and make an appointment with an allergist to take care of the symptoms right away.

These are just a few of the ways that you can tell if your child has a cold or seasonal allergies. If you are still unsure, you can visit your doctor and tell him the symptoms.

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