Hire a No-Fault Divorce Lawyer in Allentown, PA Instead of Taking a DIY Approach

by | Nov 28, 2017 | Law Services

Divorce doesn’t have to be contentious. In fact, many couples today get divorced amicably. These couples understand that litigation is expensive and arguing over who gets to keep the wedding gifts is a waste of time and money. Pennsylvania, like most other states, allows couples to get divorced without assigning fault to one spouse or the other. This means a couple that doesn’t want to spend the time or money to separate are able to make their own settlement agreement and end their marriage very quickly.

Do-it-Yourself Divorces Can Be Expensive

Although this type of divorce is easier and less expensive, it’s still important for each spouse to have their own No-Fault Divorce Lawyer in Allentown PA. People usually don’t get divorced more than one or two times during their lives, so the average person is not proficient in the intricacies of divorce law. Simply purchasing a do-it-yourself packet may not ensure all assets and debts are divided equitably. An attorney might help a client negotiate areas where the agreement gives them less than they deserve.

Benefits of Hiring a Lawyer

With the help of a No-Fault Divorce Lawyer in Allentown PA, a client could learn about their rights and have an advocate by their side if they choose to negotiate any agreements. Lawyers also work closely with the courts and often know the clerks. This means they are more aware of the court rules and processes so they can get documents processed more efficiently than an individual or couple who files the documents on their own. Anyone planning a no-fault divorce should schedule An Appointment for a consultation with an experienced attorney before they make any agreements with their spouse.

Some couples choose no-fault divorce because they don’t want to spend money on an attorney and are hesitant to hire one because they don’t think they own anything worth the cost of professional legal assistance. However, when the documents aren’t submitted properly and completely, it could cost even more money to correct the mistakes. Once the divorce has been finalized by the court, it could be very difficult and costly to change anything, including asset distribution or child custody.

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