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Homes for Sale in Coquitlam Are Only Steps from Vancouver’s Sports and Entertainment

Homes for Sale in Coquitlam Are Only Steps from Vancouver’s Sports and Entertainment

If you are moving to Vancouver and looking for homes for sale in the most action-packed part of the city, look no further than Coquitlam. This beautiful suburban city on the outskirts of Metro Vancouver not only boasts some of the best schools and parks anywhere around, it has also become known as a hub of entertainment options.

For those interested in sports, arts, or nightlife, it is hard to find a more appealing part of Vancouver then Coquitlam. Here is just a small sampling of some of the things that make this one of the most fun areas of Vancouver.

1. Sports, Sports, and More Sports

Coquitlam is a great location for people who enjoy live sporting events. The city and neighborhoods close by are home to Vancouver’s biggest professional sporting teams, including the Vancouver Canucks, the professional football team the BC Lions, the Vancouver Whitecaps of Major League Soccer, and the Vancouver Canadians, who play in Canada’s own baseball league. Choosing one of the homes for sale in Coquitlam will mean any of these teams’ home stadiums is only a short drive away.

2. Parks and Recreation

Coquitlam’s nickname is the “neighborhood of parks,” and with good reason. The area is home to nearly 100 city-owned parks and recreation areas. The biggest and best-known is likely Mundy Park, an expansive natural area featuring hiking trails and waterways that will be appreciated by fishermen and birdwatchers alike. Those looking to relax on a beautiful Pacific Coast Beach can decamp to nearby Port Moody, which has several appealing beaches for sunbathing and swimming.

3. A Vibrant Theater Scene

If you check out Coquitlam, you will also find many homes for sale near “The Theatre,” one of the premier arts and entertainment venues anywhere in Canada. The Theatre attracts musicians and theatrical performances from all over the world, including mega-famous acts like Barbara Streisand and Penn & Teller. The Theatre is connected to Coquitlam’s sprawling Hard Rock Casino, which offers some of the best dining and gaming in the country.

The artistically inclined will also appreciate the many acts that stop by Stage 43 and the Coastal Sound Music Academy. These slightly smaller venues get some of the very best contemporary acts from throughout Canada and the United States.

If you would rather participate than watch, the Place des Arts offers a community teaching program dedicated to spreading arts awareness throughout the Coquitlam population. Residents can visit the Place des Arts to take lessons in photography, dance, painting, singing, and other visual and performance arts. Classes target everyone from beginners to advanced students, and instructors are drawn from some of the most accomplished artists in the region.

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