How A Wine and Spirits Company Distributes Their Goods

by | Oct 28, 2016 | Transportation & Travel

For a retailer working online, off-line or both, they prefer to receive effective deliveries of wines and spirits in large consignments, rather than dealing with individual small brands who can only deliver a few dozen bottles at a time. Therefore, there is the need for specific wine and spirits distribution, efficiently organized by logistics brokers.

There Is Still a Good Profit Operating as A Small Distributor

When your business is relatively small, it may be difficult to organize your wine and spirits distribution. Nevertheless, there can be great wealth built from a business that pursues the sale of a very small selection of wines or individual spirits.

A small business finds it difficult to hire a sales team that can effectively meet with the larger brands of grocery superstore operations across the US. The sales team are mostly driven by the motivation of earning when they sell rather than living on their base salary. Distribution of the wine and/or spirits after the sale is vital if the business is to become resourceful and profitable.

The sales team will look to change companies if they are unable to sell sufficient quantities of the goods, regularly. It is difficult for any sales individual to sell new products when retailers are looking at known brands for their shelves because they know what their customers like and make habitual purchase planning arrangements.

Distribute Your Goods through Brokers

For your wines and spirits distribution you may choose to organize a trucking element for your business. You may feel this is easier to distribute a few cases of your goods, but you will probably be restricted to a small transportation zone as it will quickly become financially unrealistic to deliver further afield.

By organizing your wine and spirits distribution via a freight broker, your goods will move on trucks throughout a transportation service where they are just part of the total goods on board. You will be linking together with other similar sized businesses, through the services of the broker, so they can fill a full truck and trailer to deliver cross-country and extend potential sales for your business. As your product is introduced to a new area in the country, end-user customers will ask for the product in other businesses. They will make enquiries about your wines and spirits and together with your sales team, you will find other outlets for your product within the same town, city or state.

Your freight broker will be able to organize safe and timely delivery of your goods to different parts of the country and within timeframes prearranged with destination points. This helps you plan all the support and merchandising required because you can rely on the efficient delivery of your wines and spirits.

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