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How To Know When The Garage Door Spring in Huntington WV is The Problem

How To Know When The Garage Door Spring in Huntington WV is The Problem

A broken Garage Door Spring in Huntington WV is one of the main reasons that people have to call for help with garage door repair today. However, many people do not actually realize that the garage door spring is the culprit. Often, the garage door will malfunction and people assume it is something far more serious causing the issues. If a garage door spring repair is carried out promptly, it may allow the homeowner to avoid an expensive repair later. Here are several signs of a garage door spring problem.

Cables Appear Broken

If the cables are broken, or at least look like they are broken, the garage door will become completely disconnected. However, in many cases, the issue is really the spring. It is actually rather rare for the cables to snap at the same time that the spring break occurs. The springs may be inside a tube, or they may be visible near the drums. Either way, it is best to have a professional look for the broken spring as the door has to be lifted for this examination.

Garage Door Stops After Going Up a Few Inches

If the garage door only goes up a few inches, it may be because of a sensor issue. It may also be because the spring is broken and the safety feature has kicked in. This safety feature is designed to stop the garage door from continuing movement that could cause serious damage. The best way to deal with this is professional garage door help. The repair professional may raise the door manually to access the garage door springs.

A Loud Noise In The Garage

A loud noise coming from the garage may be a sign of a spring break. Since the spring is responsible for holding a great deal of weight in place, its snapping will release a considerable amount of tension. This is almost always shown with a very loud bang or snapping noise. As the coils spin on the garage door shaft, the noise is quite loud and startling even though it lasts for only a minute or less. This is simple enough for a professional to repair but is very dangerous for the layman to attempt.

If you need help with a broken Garage Door Spring in Huntington WV, consider calling Garage Door Operators Inc to find out how they can help today.

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