If You Live In Chicagoland; What Steps Have You Taken To Ensure The Safety Of Your Home?

by | Dec 21, 2015 | Security

It is an unfortunate comment on the way our society has become these days that most homeowners around the country are seriously considering or have already taken steps to protect their homes against any number of risks both natural and manmade. Security companies in Chicago have multiplied because of the ever growing demand for their services and products.

Guards, Alarms, Surveillance & Insurance

These are all tools to be used when thinking of protection for your property, its contents and the health and safety of yourself, your family and guests within your home. While only a few private individuals see a need to hire guards (armed or otherwise) to patrol their homes on a 24 hour basis; commercial enterprises do regularly resort to such measures.

However, alarms and surveillance equipment can do the same job as humans when it comes to protecting places. Maybe a human guard can give a more immediate response to any unwanted activity; but, they can be prone to human error (like falling asleep on the job) and they cannot be in more than one place at a time. In fact, even professional security guards fall back on the use of surveillance cameras and alarm systems when protecting a property.

Today’s alarm and surveillance systems are highly sophisticated and extremely reliable pieces of electronic equipment; complete with wireless communication abilities. This means that even a modest domestic system can be monitored by humans operating from a remote central point. The monitoring human can instigate correctional action within seconds of the system spotting something untoward in progress.

Effective Warning And Visible Deterrent

The installation of a home protection system serves two purposes; the obvious one being that it causes real or alternative “alarm bells” to ring when a threat is detected; the other one is that the mere presence of the system can make human threats think twice about violating your protected property. Many home intrusions are opportunistic in nature and a home carrying visible warnings that it is under surveillance and protected by alarms is not going to be a likely target for attack from a random passerby.


This is your “after the event” protection that compensates you for any losses you may have incurred (even the best fire alarms do not stop fires from happening; but they can get firefighters to the scene more quickly). Most insurance providers will offer reduced premiums to people who have installed an alarm system.

There are both good and not so good Security companies in Chicago so you need to be selective over whom to choose. You will find that companies like Alert Protective Services may not be amongst the cheapest but are definitely one of the best.

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