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Importance of a Good Crawl Space System

A crawl space system is what is intended to keep harmful things like moisture, pests, and drafting air out of your crawl space. If you’ve ever seen a crawl space with a musty odor or mold, you’ve seen a crawl space with a bad system. Good crawl space systems are vital to your health and quality of your home. Here are some tips on how to assess the quality of your crawl space system and of potential systems.


A common method of sealing crawl spaces is to tape down various types of durable plastic to seal out water and air. Check your crawl space to see if any of the plastic is peeling up at the edges, or if any holes have ripped in it. For a long-term choice, plastic isn’t the best option because it can be damaged easily.


Your crawl space may have been “sealed” with concrete, but concrete is a porous material. It lets air and water through and breaks down over time. If your crawl space is only concrete, you need to look for a system that takes some better measures to prevent moisture seepage.


Professionals can install insulation board in your crawl space to control the air flow, but insulation alone does little to control moisture. You need something specifically created to control moisture in order to properly seal your crawl space.

What to Look For

The best systems don’t take any short cuts. Rather than just taping down some material or pouring some concrete, you can tell a good company by the work they’ve put into creating a fool-proof system. The best systems aren’t just laid on top or lightly taped down. This doesn’t create a true seal and can let water seep between the liner and the crawl space walls, creating mold. The best system bonds and is cured to your crawl space. This means it creates a complete seal that doesn’t let any water in.

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