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In home care for those suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia

In home care for those suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia

In many cases, seniors who suffer from Alzheimer’s or dementia would much prefer to stay in their own homes as long as they can. The individuals who are tasked with providing Alzheimer’s and dementia care are faced with a unique challenge; they have to fill the roles of everyone; child, spouse, parent and caregiver. As the patient worsens and there is a need for more than the family can provide there are ways to provide professional in-house care and support.

The family:

There are some elderly sufferers of Alzheimer’s or dementia that are fortunate to have family members close by. The family can develop a schedule for providing care. It is best that the family members meet, discus the entire situation and then give a specific amount of time that they can honestly provide. Some family members may be able to take an entire day; there may be others that can visit at noon while others can visit during the evening. Once family members have decided what commitments they can make to provide Alzheimer’s and dementia care, make a schedule and post it.

If it is not possible to dedicate a given day or specific hours there is always a need for someone that can attend to paying the bills, doing the grocery shopping, etc.

A companion:

There are many sufferers of Alzheimer’s or dementia who do not require extensive medical care but do need someone with them. In situations like this many families will hire a person who will act as a companion; they can come into the home, prepare the meals, do a little light housework and perhaps take the senior out for walks or to visit old friends.

Home health care:

If your loved one who is suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia and it reaches a point where they need a trained expert, there are agencies that you can turn to that provides trained personnel. As an example, if showering and personal care becomes overly difficult, an assistant can visit the home every day for a couple of hours and provide this specific assistance. These people can also come in for a full day if you want; they are trained to deal with difficult behavior, incontinence and other awkward challenges.

Larger cities often have agencies that offer Alzheimer’s or dementia care. Many of these people are also training to be a nurse and they can be contacted at schools that offer nurse training.

Capital City Nurses provide Alzheimer’s and dementia care to patients whether they are in their home, in an assisted living center a hospice or a hospital. You can also connect with them Facebook.

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