Learn The Benefits Of ALA Schools In Mesa, Arizona

Parents who want a choice in education are turning to charter schools. Advocates believe charter schools give students a better education, and parents a say in education. In fact, many charter schools are started by parents, organizations and people in the community. They share a common belief that autonomy from the school system provides more challenges for students.

What is a charter school? Charter schools are independent public schools that operate independently of the local board of education. A group of people write the charter plan that outlines the school’s guiding principles, governing structure and accountability method. Charter school guiding principles are like themes that give students in-depth exposure to a topic. Examples include science, technology and entrepreneurship. If the state approves the charter, the state funds the school on a per pupil basis. In fact, the state holds charter schools to higher levels of achievement than other public schools. For example, parents looking for Schools in Mesa AZ should consider American Leadership Academy (ALA) schools. ALA schools are charter schools that focus on leadership by using Covey’s Leader In Me program. This program is based on the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. This charter school is so popular that it grows annually, and added a second campus. There are several benefits to enrolling in charter schools in Mesa AZ:

  • quality teaching and parental involvement are encouraged
  • parents get to choose a school that works for their child
  • smaller class sizes help students learn more efficiently
  • charter schools are free to choose where they use their resources

The law requires charter schools, like other public schools, to have fair admission practices. The schools should be available to all members of the community. In fact, proponents say charters benefit underprivileged youth because they have access to this opportunity. In general, students are admitted on a first-come, first-serve basis, or by lottery. Schools are not allowed to charge tuition, although they accept donations. Charter schools have an added incentive to perform well. The state may close them if they don’t meet set goals. The charter school movement is growing because parents believe their children get a better education.




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