New to Boxing? 5 Tips for Getting Your Shoes Right

by | Oct 12, 2017 | Business

Boxing can be an ideal way to stay fit and healthy. First timer? Here are handy tips for beginners like you:

Get good shoes

Before you start, make sure you have the right gear. That includes shopping for boxing shoes for women. Get a good pair. You’ll need it especially if you’re serious at making boxing a part of your fitness routine.

Skip the wrestling shoes

A lot of rookie buyers make the mistake of getting wrestling shoes instead. Don’t fall for the same trap. Be sure to shop wisely. Take your time. Know what you’re buying before you whip out your plastic. That way, you won’t be surprised when you open the package at home and realize you bought the wrong pair.

Go for a good fit

A good fit is always essential. The last thing you want is to end up buying the right shoes but in the wrong size. You could get bunions, corns and hammer toes. You could also develop crossover toes, ingrown toenails and even neuromas, says Healing Feet. Don’t want to end up with a slew of foot problems and complications simply because of too-tight shoes? Get your shoe size right.

Get measured

Ever wonder why your shoes don’t seem to fit anymore? That’s because the human foot expands every 7 years. Changes in your weight could also make a difference in your foot size. So if your shoes are starting to feel a bit tight, it’s time to have your foot measured. Keep this in mind before you scout online for boxing shoes for women.

Pick the material

Look for the lightest shoes possible. Most options are available in breathable suede and leather while some come with a rubber outsole that offers you a good grip on the mat. That should give you faster and better flexibility inside the ring.

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