Options of Bed Bug Removal in Decatur

Bed bugs are an extremely annoying and widespread infestation of pests. It is one of the pests with the highest recurrence and resistance to treatments. The chance for the problem to re-appear after treatment increases if the treatment is not done well or fails to completely eliminate the present pests. If you require bed bug removal in Decatur, you need to make sure you are hiring a professional capable of handling the problem efficiently. Here, we provide three options by which the problem of bed bugs is taken care of by professionals in this field. (Here be Decatur, AL, we being Ecopest – needs to be clearer.)

Chemical Treatment
Chemical treatment of bed bugs involves adding a pesticide to the folds of the mattress. It is not possible to apply the pesticide to the mattress itself, even if future bodily contact will be through bedsheets. Bed cracks and crevices are also treated, in addition to other furniture such as nightstands and dressers. They are treated with a thorough inspection in an attempt to prevent recurrence.

Heat Treatment
Heat treatment is another option to terminate bed bugs. In extreme cases when simply using a dryer is not enough to solve the problem, it is possible to go for heat treatment of furniture in structure. Although it is quite expensive compared to other treatments, it is effective because bed bugs cannot live in sustained high temperatures. Pest control will cost more in this case but for some people it is worth it.

Furniture Removal
Sometimes, the only option that a company can provide for bed bug removal in Decatur is to remove the furniture. After attempts to solve the problem fail, their services are still needed to fully sterilize the area before new furniture is introduced. This is to guarantee that no new outbreak is seen in the new furniture.

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