Paris Apartment Rental: Discovering Historic Marais

by | Nov 3, 2016 | Apartments

If you have ever visited Paris, you have probably wandered through the tiny streets of Marais. This historic district is just one of the city’s gems. Discovering apartments rental units in this area are a marvelous find – one worth celebrating. During your stay here, you can enjoy some of the city’s storied past and beloved green spaces.

From Then to Now

Marais is a product of the 14th century. However, it did not become truly fashionable until the 17th century. By then, the former home to French Monarch Charles V (1338 –1380) had become populated by residences for France’s wealthy classes. After the Revolution, however, the grand homes were abandoned, left empty. The poor moved in and the Bohemians. The place began to fall completely into decay. City officials wanted to raze it to the ground. Only the arrival of WWI saved it from this fate.

The result is beneficial for the city and for you when you live here. While much of Paris boasts broad avenues and wide streets constructed under Napoleon to abet the movement of troops, in Marias, you can enjoy the narrow, cobbled streets of medieval times and more buildings built prior to the revolution than anywhere else in Paris does. You can visit many of the fine homes of the area, not as part of a house tour, but as you roam the street on a culture or shopping run. Today, these mansions house smart shops, expensive boutiques and marvelous museums.

Apartments, Rental and Highlights of Marais

Apartments, rental agreed upon for short or long term, are an ideal way to enjoy the pleasures and treasures of Marais. In fact, if you are lucky, the flat you stay in may well have once been the home of some ancient aristocrat. Take the time to find out what Marais has to offer. Enjoy a meal in the Jewish Quarter or visit the family-friendly but oh so elegant Place des Vosges. Explore the history of the city at Musée Carnavalet or wander through a gallery devoted to the art works of a master – the Musée Picasso.

You can visit private art galleries in the Jewish Quarter or go to the Quartier du Temple. Discover Chinatown or celebrate science, technology and engineering at the Musée des Artes et Métier. This slice of history will be yours to explore when you find the ideal apartments. A Rental here, however, places you in the center of the city, allowing you to arrange for a stay that can take you easily all across Paris, if this is what you want.

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