Picture in Picture Video Deposition Services in Lakewood Colorado

Have you ever wanted to show the witness’ reaction to a document as they are looking at it? How about a having a Dr. describe what they are talking about visually? With picture-in-picture video, you can show the judge or the juror a clear picture of the situation as the witness explains with evidence at hand during a deposition.

This expertise is a specialized service we at Professional Legal Video do for our clients when we provide picture-in-picture video depositions in Lakewood, CO.

We’re a professional legal video service provider known for the precision, unbiased and impartial approach to our work. We apply cutting edge multimedia services for our clients in legal services, looking to capture crucial moments in a deposition and display them as facts in the fairest and equitable manner.

Aside from legal video depositions, we also offer transcription synchronization, site inspections, we have a certified drone pilot on staff, graphics animations and legal photography.

We also offer Day in the Life documentary videos as well as Settlement Presentation and Trial Technology Presentation.

With picture in picture video, you’ll be able to see both the witness and the document in a demonstration which may include contracts, maps, photos, videos, or x-ray photos. During the presentation, the document video is broadly presented on the screen with a smaller video of the witness in the corner of the screen. Both videos are happening at the same time in real-time. Such a presentation can also be recorded.

If you have any questions on how this technology can help you in your depositions, give us a call at 303-205-7909 for more information on the picture-in-picture video depositions in Lakewood, CO.

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