Preventing Clogged Drains in Tacoma From Becoming Worse

It is important for residential and industrial business owners to have their properties draining system serviced on a regular basis. Clogged Drains in Tacoma are quite common for indoor plumbing, and thankfully are easy to clean with or without professional assistance. It is important to know what clogs drains in order to prevent a disaster from happening.

Many bathroom sink and bathroom drains will clog because of dead skin, dirt, hair, and soap scum that attaches to the walls of the drain pipes. As the materials accumulate, the water becomes reduced to a point where it will no longer flow freely through the pipes.

Clogged toilet drains occur when an individual tries to flush products down the toilet that do not dissolve or break apart in the water such as feminine hygiene products, cotton swabs, dental floss, and baby or pre-moistened wipes.

Kitchen sinks often become clogged when cooking grease or oil accumulates onto the drainpipe walls. They also clog when large food particles are washed down into them.

Benefits of Cleaning Drains Regularly

  • Regularly cleaning Clogged Drains in Tacoma, minimizes potential future issues and damages to the home. There are other benefits to scheduling regular drain cleaning.
  • Regular drain cleaning may improve the lifespan of the drain pipes.
  • Bad odors are prevented due to food particles and debris no longer being trapped inside of the drain pipes.
  • A clean drain clears clogs quicker and also allows for water to flow at a faster rate.
  • Scheduling regular drain maintenance often catches small issues prior to them turning into larger ones. This prevents a homeowner from having to pay large amounts of money to have problems corrected.
  • Ways to prevent clogging a drain include the following tips:
  • Use a drain screen whenever possible. Screens help to keep hair, soap scum, and other debris from getting into the drain.
  • Do not dump any chemicals down the drain including drain cleaning products as they can cause harm to the drain pipes.
  • Be sure not to pour grease and oil down the sink as it will make for a difficult time cleaning.

Some smaller homes can schedule drain maintenance on an “as needed” basis while larger homes may need the assistance of a professional more often. It is important to at least provide yearly drain cleaning maintenance. Be sure to speak with your plumber today about your recommended drain cleaning schedule based upon the usage.

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