Professional Water Damage Repair in San Jose

by | Sep 18, 2014 | Business

When disaster strikes, emergency restoration services are the solution to water damage caused by flooding. Water damage repair  in San Jose, in response to flooding is often the result of an earthquake, mud slide, or broken water main. More affordable than repair and replacement of property and building elements, restoration is a process that extracts and removes effluents from an environment. Protect your home and property after a flood with professional restoration.

Emergency Response to Flooding

Response time is critical to evaluation and intervention on the effects of water damage. If the remediation process is not commenced immediately after flooding, mold and contaminants coinciding with sewage leakage can lead to extensive damage. With emergency restoration services, property owners can reduce the overall costs stemming from losses to property in the form of structural damage and personal effects.

Preparation for Restoration

Following a flooding incident, a property owner can aid restoration specialists in route with these simple steps: 1) shut off electrical appliances, power outlets, and the water main to the building; 2) remove floor standing items; 3) move paintings and furniture to dry areas; 4) open drawers and prop up furniture; 5) mop up water and rid excess moisture by wiping down wet areas. Remove and relocate clothing from bedroom closets in a dry space if affected, to avoid permanent damage from bacteria, contaminants, and mildew.

Professional Restoration Services

Restoring of stability to a flooded building is possible with restoration services. Water damage repair in San Jose treats and controls for secondary damages such as mold and contaminants. Standard restoration services include: damage assessment, examination, testing, extraction, sewage removal, contents crawl space clean-up, drying, dehumidification, decontamination, disinfection, air cleansing, odor and mold removal, mildew remediation, and structural drying cover the scope of damages resulting from a flooding incident.

Water Damage Left Unchecked

When the restoration process is not initiated immediately,  post a disaster, moisture from water redistributes in an environment. Broken pipes can go onto infect drywall, and fixtures mounted in the area. Secondary property damage such as buckling of hardwood or vinyl floors, sagging or cracking plaster and sheetrock jeopardize the health and safety of occupants in a building.

Insurance Claim Submission

Water damage repair in San Jose begins with an assessment. Property owners can use water damage reporting for an insurance claim. Property insurance covering a building for disaster and losses to personal items can be used to offset the cost of restoration. Less expensive than replacement, restoration is the key to returning your home or other property to its original integrity. Use a restoration report to file a property insurance claim to settle losses and outlay of finance during the remediation process.

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