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Replacing Shingles And Other Repairs Made By A Northern Virginia In Roofing Company

Replacing Shingles And Other Repairs Made By A Northern Virginia In Roofing Company

If a couple asphalt shingles have loosened on a garage’s rooftop, the following steps can be taken in order to replace them. New shingles will prevent a rooftop from leaking and will provide a structure with a uniform appearance.


  • ladder
  • safety harness
  • work gloves
  • asphalt shingles
  • hammer
  • putty knife
  • industrial strength detergent
  • stiff bristled scrub brush
  • water hose
  • roofing cement
  • foam brush
  • nail gun
  • roofing nails

Removing Damaged Shingles And Cleaning A Rooftop

A ladder needs to be set up near the area the portion of the roof where the shingles have loosened. The claw part of a hammer can be used to loosen roofing nails that are still attached to the damaged roofing materials. Once shingles have been removed from a roof, a putty knife should be used to remove dried roofing cement or hardened residue that remains on a rooftop. Any residue that still remains on a roof can be eliminated by applying a small amount of industrial strength detergent to each area and moving a stiff bristled scrub brush firmly over each area. Once a rooftop is clean, rinsing it off with a hose will eliminate any substances that still remain.

Replacing Asphalt Shingles

Once a rooftop’s surface is dry, new shingles can be secured to it. Each shingle should have an even coat of roofing cement added to it with a foam brush. Afterwards, each replacement shingle needs to be lined up with the ones that surround it. A nail gun can be used to secure roofing nails in each corner of the replacement shingles. If a roof on a home or business is ever severely damaged, repairs can be made promptly by contacting a Northern Virginia in Roofing company.

More information about services that are offered on a daily business can be acquired by visiting a Northern Virginia in Roofing company like or a similar website. Anyone who is in need of repairs or a new roof on their home or business can contact a professional in order to receive assistance with a particular project. Once a roof has been repaired or replaced, a business or home will retain its value.

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