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Rodents in the Rafters: Do You Need Rodent Removal in Dallas?

Rodents are a common guest in urban homes, often making their homes in attics, walls, floors, and just about anywhere they can squeeze their bodies. Mice can be a nuisance because they carry a selection of diseases, leave droppings in unexpected places, and eat crops and food. Rats present even bigger problems, leaving filthy trails of dust and grease in their paths, carrying more diseases, and breeding quickly. Direct contact with these pests is best left to Dallas rodent removal specialists, but if you’ve got unwelcome rodents in your home, here are a few facts you should know:

Why Are There Rodents In My Home?

Your home provides shelter from predators and the elements, so it naturally appeals to rodents of all sizes. Rats are incredibly adaptable, and can make a home in any dark, tight place. Plus, omnivorous rats consume anything with a nutritional value, making it difficult to present a habitat that they can’t somehow thrive in. Mice tend to burrow in nature, so they will often fit themselves through tiny holes and make home in small compartments. If there is no natural space for a mouse to live in, it will simply make one by burrowing into walls and insulation their new home with various papers, wiring, and tiny items they see as usable.

How Can I Tell If I Have Rodents?

As rats and mice are both largely nocturnal, seeing one firsthand may not be common. Despite this, there are a few unpleasant ways to tell if you’ve got an infestation. First, you may notice gnaw marks on any surface within reach, a sign that the rodents have been near. You’ll also see tiny droppings in many places, and you may hear a telltale squeaking noise periodically. Additionally, rats leave grease trails in areas they frequent, showing you common paths taken by the creatures. You may also notice missing or chewed-on food and paths of crumbs.

Why Shouldn’t I Try To Kill The Pests Myself?

There are several good reasons to leave this operation to the professionals, and your health is one of them. Rodents can carry dangerous communicable diseases like Hantavirus, Leptospirosis, and Tularemia. Additionally, your attempt to capture a rodent may lead you to disturb a nest you didn’t know was there, causing them to spread further.

The job takes experience and the right equipment, so if you need rodent removal in Dallas, TX, call the professionals at Wildlife X Team. With a commitment to humane solutions for rodent removal, they’ll track and capture the critters, seal their entry points, and help restore your home. With Wildlife X Team, your rodent problem ends here!

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