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Sleep Apnea Naperville Pros Discuss Alternative Treatments

Sleep Apnea Naperville Pros Discuss Alternative Treatments

Sleep apnea is one of the scariest things to be afflicted with. It’s so much more than loud, disruptive snoring, and can actually affect every area of your life. Other symptoms include significant daytime fatigue, mental exhaustion, and, more seriously, increased risk for heart disease and high blood pressure. The sudden disruption of breath can, in many cases, be dangerous, and can cause significant stress for you and your loved ones. For many years, the standard treatment was a CPAP machine, which helped to keep the airway open throughout the night. However, many patients find they simply can’t tolerate this device, and that it disrupts their ability to sleep as much or more than the sleep apnea did. Thankfully, there are other ways to treat this disorder. Here, sleep apnea pros discuss alternative treatments that may just save your sleep.

Mouth Guards

Oral devices are rising in popularity as sleep apnea treatments. They help encourage open airways and easy breathing without being disruptive or overly loud. Simply put, they prevent the tongue from falling backwards in the mouth during sleep, preventing the airway from becoming obstructed. They have proven to be especially useful in patients that are underweight or at average weight, and have excellent oral health. Your teeth and jawline should be healthy and relatively straight in order to accommodate the oral device. Oral devices and mouth guards are much more portable than the traditional CPAP approach, and have a much higher rate of compliance.

Lifestyle Changes

Another way you can mitigate the effects of sleep apnea, while searching for a CPAP alternative, is to make a number of lifestyle changes. These include getting a better mattress, and keeping your head elevated from the rest of your body. Avoiding alcohol consumption, especially right before bed, is also key to mitigating the effects of sleep apnea. Alcohol will encourage your throat to relax, which will block your airway.

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