22k gold

Why Buying Gold Jewelry Is Always An Awesome Idea For Many Reasons

In virtually every culture throughout history, humans have crafted jewelry made of gold. The appeal of this metal is timeless and universal, and, today, just as in the past, buying jewelry made of 22k gold is a fantastic idea both to wear and as an investment.

22k gold and jewelry

The term “karat” is a unit that is used for measuring the purity of gold. Essentially, the higher the karat, the higher the purity. For jewelry, 22k gold is often used because it is roughly 92% pure gold and 8% alloys, and this combination is easy to mold into beautiful shapes and extremely tough and durable once molded. Because this gold is mixed with tough metals like copper, it is more durable than pure, 24k gold, and that is why it is considered better for jewelry.

When you buy gold jewelry, you can eventually pass it down as an heirloom; gold will likely be as greatly appreciated centuries from now as it is today and was centuries in the past. Likewise, it can be bought as an investment and hedge against inflation. While the value of stocks and other forms of investments rise and fall, gold is as consistent as an investment as there is.

Wearing gold jewelry is one of the ultimate statements of status and wealth. It creates an impression of substance and power. There is no other metal as associated with greatness as gold!

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