Assisted Living Facilities In Asheville

How To Evaluate Assisted Living Facilities In Asheville, NC

Evaluating assisted living facilities in Asheville, NC can be a difficult endeavor. You want to make absolutely certain that the place you choose will meet the needs of your loved one. There are several steps to take when exploring assisted living facilities in order to help you choose the one that is right.

Assess Your Needs

As you are looking at Assisted Living Facilities In Asheville, NC, you need to determine the everyday needs of your loved one as well as their physical and financial needs. List your priorities and separate the must-haves from the wants. When you know what you need, you are ready to begin looking at touring facilities.

Tour the Facility

Pay special attention to the rooms. Check for cleanliness and inquire whether or not the residents are permitted to decorate their rooms as they like. Make note of the security and safety procedures, including fire extinguishers and sprinkler systems. Ask about the security measures that they have in place for patients with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Finally, go outside to explore the grounds and make sure there is plenty of walking around space.

Study the Contract and Fees

Make sure that you have a good understanding of everything that is included in the monthly fee as well as what is available for additional costs. Ask to take the contract home where you can take your time to review it thoroughly.

When evaluating assisted living facilities in Asheville, NC, take the same care that you would as if you were searching for a new home. After all, this is where your loved ones will be living out the remainder of their days, so you want to ensure they have the comfort and care that they deserve.

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