Bankruptcy Attorney in Prattville AL

Prepare for an Appointment With a Bankruptcy Attorney in Prattville, AL

A person has decided that bankruptcy is their only option. They may be receiving collector’s calls daily, or they may be facing a foreclosure or repossession. If they are having financial difficulties and cannot find another way to get help, they may want to go ahead and speak with a Bankruptcy Attorney in Prattville, AL to start the bankruptcy process. Before their first appointment, there are a few things they need to collect.

Find All Financial Documents Showing Income and Current Assets

A person needs to have a current copy of the last six months of all bank statements as well as the last six months at least of proof of their income. This gives the lawyer an idea of their income and how much they have in the bank currently so the lawyer can determine which chapter of bankruptcy is going to be the right one to file under. They will also want to include a list of any assets they own, including property, vehicles, and other funds.

Obtain Paperwork for Foreclosure or Repossession

If the person is facing a foreclosure or repossession, they’ll want to bring the most recent letters from the bank with them. They may want to bring all the statements they’ve received, but they will, at least, want the latest one, so the lawyer knows how close they are to the foreclosure or repossession and how much time they have to file the bankruptcy.

Create a List of All Debts Owed

The person will want to create a list of all the debts they have, including the foreclosure or repossession. This should include absolutely everything, even if the debt cannot be included in the bankruptcy. Including as much as possible about the person’s financial situation and the reason they are behind on the debts is going to help the lawyer determine exactly what can be done and what should be included in the bankruptcy.

By preparing for the appointment, the person can get a better idea of what the Bankruptcy Attorney in Prattville, AL can do to help them and what chapter they’re going to need to file under. If you already have all of this information together, and you’re ready to talk to a lawyer, schedule an appointment by calling us at (334) 265-4477 today.

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