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Tests and Vaccines to Ask About Before Purchasing Cows for Milk or Beef

If you are thinking about purchasing beef cows, there are a few things you should know about the tests that should be performed before making your purchase and the vaccines the cows should have. You want to be sure that the cows are healthy. This will mean healthy meat for your family, a good reputation for your business if you are thinking about eventually selling them, and a reduced risk of spreading diseases to other animals on your property.

Before purchasing beef cows for sale, make sure the animals do not have Johne’s disease. This is similar to Crohn’s disease. It is rampant in areas where cows are not cared for properly and are exposed to water that contains manure. There is no cure for this disease. It makes cows have diarrhea and prevents their bodies from absorbing minerals.

Before buying a dairy cow or beef cows for sale, you want to be sure they have been tested for tuberculosis. The animals should have had a tuberculosis test within the last four weeks. Tuberculosis can be contagious to other animals. It can be transmitted by simply breathing the same air or exposure through stools. If an animal has tuberculosis and the disease passes through the stool, it can survive in the soil for about two months. When cows have tuberculosis, they need to be slaughtered.

No matter if you are looking at dairy cows or beef cows, ask the owner about tests and vaccines for Staph A, brucellosis, and E. coli. Doing your due diligence before making a purchase is important. It can save a lot of money and heartache.

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