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Reasons to See A Doctor in Illinois About Having a Bunion on Your Foot

Your feet are composed of numerous bones, joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. All of these work together for you to stand, walk, run, and jump. However, there are times that a bony bump can appear on the base of your big toe. This happens when bones in the foot push out of place and cause a joint to protrude sideways. If you believe that this shift is happening with your foot, here are the reasons you should see a doctor.

Trouble Walking

As untreated bunions advance, your toes can become more unbalanced. Your toes may rub together and cause corns and calluses to develop between your toes. The pain that occurs when your shoes rub against these issues makes it harder to walk. Also, as you try to adjust, you may throw the rest of your body out of alignment. Instead of treating this on your own, you will need a physician knowledgeable about bunions In Hyde Park.

Limited Function

During your day, you may normally handle responsibilities for your job and obligations for your family. Yet, the pain in your foot may persist even if you use cushions and protectors to reduce pressure on the area. This discomfort may get in the way of your regular activities and cause problems in your life. You may also have limited mobility that makes getting around seem almost impossible. Fortunately, you can get your situation reviewed by a doctor knowledgeable about bunions from Hyde Park. If you want a review from a doctor from Hyde Park, please contact Mitchell Foot & Ankle today.

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