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Buy Gold Money Coins and Invest Them in a Self-Directed IRA for the Future

If you’d like to buy gold money coins and receive the tax benefits of an IRA at the same time, you may want to open a self-directed IRA. It provides you with the opportunity to hedge against inflation during low performing stock markets, diversify your portfolio and take control of the assets you utilize for the future.

Provides More Control

When you buy gold money coins and place them in a self-directed IRA, it can offer a more significant amount of control over your investments. Purchasing stocks, ETFs or bonds is usually conducted through an exchange, which is all completed digitally. You don’t hold any physical assets. In contrast, buying one or more ounces of American Gold Eagle bullion coins and placing them in an IRA gives you the ability to hold a hard asset in your portfolio.

Offers Diversification

It can be detrimental to your portfolio if you only hold one or two investment vehicles, such as stocks or mutual funds and they both go down sharply at the same time. Diversifying your account by adding other types of non-correlated assets can help you eliminate this problem.

Growth Potential

Investing in precious metals can also provide the ability to increase the value of your portfolio. If you had purchased gold 20 years ago, you would probably be happy with your investment as the value has increased considerably. The economy will continue to have its ups and downs in the future. Adding a hard asset that provides diversification and the ability to grow your wealth may be highly advantageous.

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