Cal State Fullerton off-campus housing

Exploring Off-Campus Residence Options Near Your University

Enjoyable Off-Campus Living

As a student seeking Cal State Fullerton off-campus housing, you should prioritize a handful of factors for an enjoyable lifestyle during your studies. The residence should be within a short commute to the main campus of this major university in the city of Fullerton. As a licensed driver, you should have access to free parking spaces at the apartment complex. If you don’t own a car or would like to save money on fuel, look for an apartment community that offers complimentary shuttle services. Your Cal State Fullerton off-campus housing might also be conveniently located near bus stops that are operated by the university or the local municipality. Additionally, you could rent an off-campus residence that’s within walking distance of shops, restaurants and other types of businesses that meet your daily needs throughout the semesters and intermediate breaks.

Premium Housing Amenities

When you take a tour of Cal State Fullerton off-campus housing, pay close attention to the entire floorplan of the unit. If you want maximum privacy, select a house or apartment with a spacious bedroom that includes a lock. A large balcony or patio will also provide some sense of privacy when sharing the residence with other people. The living room and dining room might be fully furnished with modern furniture items for yourself and fellow roommates. Additionally, your off-campus student complex should have strict access control, video surveillance and other forms of physical security.

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