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Tips for Filing Insurance Claims if You Live in Oak Brook, Illinois

Nearly 1,000 car accidents occur on a daily basis throughout the Prairie State. Many of these accidents are followed by involved drivers filing claims with their car insurance Illinois providers. What are claims? When should drivers file them? Here’s some basic information about insurance claims that everybody needs to know.

What Is an Insurance Claim?

All insurance policies cover various events, including replacing vehicles that have been stolen and paying the medical bills of people injured in car accidents. Claims are formal requests from policyholders in which they ask for their policies to provide financial compensation for covering these outcomes. All accidents are legally required to be reported to insurance companies; your insurer will find out about your accident whether you tell them or not. Claims are simply requests to get coverage from car insurance policies.

Ideal Situations to File Claims

Claims should be filed when you can’t afford to cover damage you’ll likely be held responsible for in a court of law. This includes financial damages resulting from bodily injuries, typically coming in the form of medical bills. They’re pretty expensive if you didn’t already know! If you don’t know who’s at fault for an accident, that’s another good time to file a claim.

When Not to File Claims

If you haven’t caused much damage to your own vehicle, the other parties’ vehicles, or anything else, you often shouldn’t file a claim. Also, if you can afford to pay for damages out of pocket – everybody’s financial situation is different – you shouldn’t file a claim, either.

We’ll Help You Understand Insurance Claims

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