Catalytic Air Pollution Control

How Big Business in the United States Can Control Industrial Air Pollution

Throughout the United States, direct industrial emissions from power plants create over 50 percent of all greenhouse gases. There are better ways to produce energy in America. Continue reading and discover how big businesses can help the environment.

Use Renewable Energy Instead of Fossil Fuels

Natural gas is classified as a fossil fuel, but its global impact is minimal. However, in isolated areas, the gas will pose a threat because it can cause health problems. Renewable energy sources like wind and solar power are far better for people, the environment, and the ozone layer.

Use Mitigation Technologies

Mitigation technologies are cost-effective, and they help the environment. A device that uses this technology can curb carbon dioxide emissions that cause climate change. Wet scrubbers fall in this category. They can filter gas and particulates. Here are other mitigation technologies that function like wet scrubbers.

Catalytic Oxidizers

These oxidizers are also called incinerators. They use intense heat to oxidize VOCS and air pollution.

Rotary Concentrator

A rotary concentrator system extracts VOCs from factory exhaust. The highlight of this system is its rotating drum. When air moves through the drum, all contaminants are destroyed. In the final phase, the air is pushed into a hydrophobic chamber.

To control air pollution effectively, all businesses must attack the problem at the source. A catalytic air pollution control system is the answer because it can stop pollution before it enters the environment. Air Clear, LLC sells catalytic air pollution control equipment to industrial businesses. To learn more about this supplier, visit

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