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Why CNC Machining in Canada Is a Better Option Than Conventional Machining

While there is certainly nothing wrong with traditional machining and cutting methods, there are definite advantages to using CNC cutting services instead. There are many reasons why this is so and here are just a few of them.

Extreme Precision

When the CNC process is used instead of the manual method, the precision of the cutting is increased exponentially. In fact, CNC can deliver an accuracy percentage of 1/1000th of a percent. This means that all of your cuts will be virtually identical when needed and that since a computer is used to control the cutting, all human error is basically removed.


Unlike human workers who are manually cutting, CNC machines never need to take a rest break, lunch break, or clock out. They can basically operate 24 hours a day, with the only stoppage in work being for routine maintenance or repair.

Increased Production

While a team of experienced machinists can produce a good deal of products for you, there is simply no way that they can keep up with the production level that a CNC machine can maintain. What this means for you is more production for lower overall cost. This is great news when it comes to the bottom line of your business.

More Intricate Cuts

The software that a CNC machine uses can produce far more intricate cuts than even the most experienced machinist can cut. This is one of the most cited reasons why CNC cutting services are so often chosen versus manual methods.

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