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5 Common Types Procedures Conducted By A Cosmetic Surgeon Naperville IL

Cosmetic surgery has been a significant savior for individuals looking to adjust their appearance and achieve certain beauty goals. Thanks to modern techniques and technology, these cosmetic surgeries are now passed as safe. Cosmetic surgery also has some medical applications for people who have encountered physical trauma and want to restore normal body functions or repair surgical scars. All this is made possible by a cosmetic surgeon Naperville Il residents trust. Below are some of the most common procedures conducted by cosmetic surgeons.

Breast augmentation

The procedure aims at increasing the size of breasts. A cosmetic surgeon Naperville, Il residents rely on, often will use breast implants to achieve desired results. Breast augmentation may also be coupled with a breast lift surgery that ensures the firmness of the breast tissue.

Hair transplant

Also known as hair restoration surgery, it’s performed to promote hair regrowth after baldness sets in. Here, there are two options: Follicular Unit Extraction and Follicular Unit Transplant.


Cosmetic surgeons offer yet another safe procedure for eradication stubborn fat deposits that don’t seem to go even after exercising and taking proper diets. Liposuction basically improves body contours by sucking out fat from target areas.

Tummy tuck

Often confused with liposuction, the tummy tuck procedure is used to enhance the shape of the abdomen. It can be invasive and may involve stitching loose abdominal muscles, removing excess skin and fat to improve the tummy’s look.


Your cosmetic surgeon in Naperville, Il aims at improving the shape and even the functions of the nose through a surgical process known as rhinoplasty.

Depending on your desires and goals, your cosmetic surgeon will determine if you are the perfect candidate for the procedure. Contact Center For Cosmetic & Laser Surgery or visit us online, for more information.

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