Dental Implants in Philadelphia

Why You Should Skip Dentures and Bridges and Get Dental Implants in Philadelphia

Many dental restorations can be considered to be both cosmetic and practical, and this is especially true of dental implants. Unlike other solutions for replacing missing teeth, implants replace the root as well as the crown. This eliminates the problems associated with dentures and bridges and helps the jaw retain its bone so that other teeth don’t shift.

From the patient’s perspective, one of the best things about implants is how easy they are to care for. In most cases, implants can be brushed and flossed just like real teeth. The stability of these replacements is even more remarkable. Since they have crowns that are attached to implanted, root-like posts, there is none of the slippage that there can be with dentures. There also is no need to have them refit or otherwise adjusted. They work exactly like real teeth in all of the right ways, while allowing patients to avoid all of the bad aspects.

The idea of real teeth having bad aspects may seem strange to someone who’s never gotten Dental Implants in Philadelphia. However, real teeth do have a few drawbacks. The most obvious problem with real teeth is that they can decay. They’re also fairly easy to crack. A related problem is that they can hurt. With implants, all of these problems are history. Implants still need brushing and flossing, but the purpose is no longer to prevent cavities. Instead, oral hygiene around implants is focused on maintaining good gum health so that the implant is not affected by gum issues. Gum disease will claim implants just like it would with real teeth.

One of the problems with non-implant replacement teeth, or a prolonged period of having no replacement at all, is that the bone in that part of the jaw will deteriorate. This may make it seem like there isn’t enough bone to support new Dental Implants in Philadelphia. Fortunately, there is a simple bone grafting procedure that can be done to rebuild lost bone in the jaw. Once this is complete, the jaw can hold implant posts with no problems. Visit Absolute Smile to learn more about options for dental implants and how they can restore your smile in a way that looks completely natural and functions better than the original.

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