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Edmonton Downtown Dental Clinic Dentists Can Manage Enamel Acid Erosion

During your checkup, your dentist may determine that you have acid erosion of your tooth enamel if your teeth appear transparent or worn down. Your teeth may also appear chipped and cracked. One of the most common symptoms of enamel erosion is sensitivity to hot, cold, and sugary foods. Here are some ways Edmonton Downtown Dental Clinic dentists can help you manage your acid erosion.


If you have extreme acid erosion, your Edmonton Downtown Dental Clinic dentist may recommend tooth bonding. When your dentist bonds your teeth, he or she applies a special material known as resin to the affected teeth. Bonding helps hide cracks and discolorations caused by enamel erosion and it can also help protect your teeth against cavities.

When your enamel has worn away because of acid erosion, it is easier for decay-causing bacteria to get inside your tooth. Bonding is not a painful process. Your dentist applies a substance to your tooth that makes the enamel a little rougher so that the bonding resin adheres to the surface better.

Self-Care Recommendations

Your dentist may also recommend a number of self-care treatments for your acid erosion. He or she may advise you against consuming large amounts of acidic foods and beverages such as oranges, lemons, grapefruit, tea, cola, and coffee.

If you are unable to curtail your consumption of acidic beverages, you may be advised to drink them through a straw so that the contact they make with your teeth is minimized.

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