Elderly Care in Melbourne FL

Learning About the MIND Diet for an Elderly Care Community in Melbourne, FL

Since food choices can be relatively limited and unappealing in some assisted living communities, individuals and families might look for better options. A community for elderly care in Melbourne, FL, focusing on the MIND diet might be especially attractive. This combination of the Mediterranean and DASH eating plans is healthy, varied, and tasty.

Main Features

Many people are somewhat familiar with the Mediterranean diet but might not know about the DASH version. They are extremely similar, so blending the two is a natural fit. Mediterranean cuisine focuses more on fish and includes less dairy. This is understandable when considering the countries where the cuisine originated are all located around the sea.

DASH stands for dietary approaches to stop hypertension. Like the Mediterranean eating plan, it emphasizes vegetables, beans, fruit, nuts, and whole grains. The combination of these two as the MIND diet has been recognized for reducing the risk of dementia and slowing the progression of cognitive decline. That’s why it’s so beneficial in a community for elderly care in Melbourne, FL.


In the MIND diet, the cuisine includes a certain amount of fish and poultry, but not much red meat. Ideally, followers would consume beef, pork, or other red meat four or fewer times each week. That’s a big difference from the standard American diet. Many men and women feel skeptical that they’ll like eating this way and are pleasantly surprised at how delicious the food is.

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