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Foods That Influence the Need for Emergency Dental Services in Port Orange

Emergency dental services are very convenient and helpful. However, no one wants to get in a situation that requires these services. To decrease your risks, you must strive to eat healthy snacks that don’t cause cavities. You can start by eating less starchy foods and sticky candies. If you substitute these snacks for granola bars, you’ll less likely need emergency dental care in Port Orange.

How Starchy Food Harms Your Teeth

Many popular snack foods have starches. White bread for sandwiches, crunchy potato chips, and cheese pizzas all contain starch that can stick to the cervices around every tooth. If you eat these foods and fail to brush your teeth, the starches will linger until they transform into sugars. Then the sugar will attract bacteria, which will cause cavities.

How Sticky Candy Harms Your Teeth

Sticky candies can harm your teeth long after you’ve eaten it. Because this type of candy has adhesive properties, its sugary coating can stick to a tooth’s surfaces for hours. If you don’t brush your teeth immediately, bacteria will form where there are traces of sugar.

Besides cavities, you may need emergency dental care in Port Orange for other reasons. For example, if you like to play contact sports, you may have to schedule an appointment for a tooth extraction. You can schedule an extraction and other emergency services at Cardinal Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Associates. To learn more about every emergency dental procedure and all of the clinic’s options for surgeries, visit www.cardinaoms.com.

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